Flexolaser is manufacturing dedicated imagers for flexo and letterpress applications. Plate and Sleeve handling are optimized to lower waste and increase productivity.

The Flexolaser family is designed to achieve the highest quality

output at lower costs. Fiberlaser technology is used for ablation

of the LAMs layer on digital flexo and letterpress plates.

The maintenance-free design of fiber-lasers result in low service costs, extended lifetime, reliability and continuous production.

On the assumption that sleeve technology is the future of quality

Flexo printing, there are also hybrid versions that process both

plates and sleeves and the change during production with the

patented Quick Sleeve takes just a few minutes.

The open network interface accepts TIFF data from any standard RIP-Program or Server


The „open“ system

The New Software Concept

Flexolaser devices are not stand-alone machines; they operate in a network environment. The Lasersetter is plugged into the House network and can be accessed from every PC/Mac.

Flexolaser images into the LAMs layer from finished 1-bit TIFF files received from any prepress system – either in-house or supplied.

• MultiPlate software controls the output to the Flexolaser and can be installed on any Mac or PC workstation in the network.

The Software accepts 1-bit TIFF data from any RIP to output on the Flexolaser.

• MultiPlate software is also used to fill the plate with different jobs and to optimize the coverage of the plate.

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